Tanzanian Safari: A Family’s View

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World Odyssey Travel Specialist, Jules Flory, set off on a family safari to Tanzania and here is her account of the trip & some of the amazing experiences the family encountered along the way…

In August 2012 the five Florys set off on a family safari to East Africa.

Our two week adventure was very well documented by Susanna who is becoming quite a talented photographer & created some wonderful images by which we can all enjoy wonderful, priceless memories of a lifetime – to follow are just some of them …

Our Itinerary in detail

Ours was a non-stop itinerary starting at Kilimanjaro.  We spent the first night in Arusha staying at a coffee plantation.  We then continued to Tarangire National Park and spent two nights staying at a delightful little mobile camp just outside the park.  The camp was simple but comfortable and the food was excellent.  The children were delighted by a surprise visit during the night by a curious group of buffalo which caused great excitement!

Above: Mummy & Baby in the Tarangire National Park – famous for its wonderful elephant population

Below: We had enjoyed a thrilling morning journeying across the Serengeti with some incredible wildlife to spot en route, and arrived at a Masai village to soak up some of the fascinating culture – we enjoyed a wonderful moment of unity when James joined the menfolk of the village in a celebratory dance!

Below: We enjoyed a wonderful morning in a local village where the Masai launched into a soulful traditional welcome dance and our menfolk joined in.

Below: In the same village we were accompanied on a tour of the village and met some beautiful people and were welcomed into their homes – the most exquisite and immaculate thatched huts.

Below:  Ones instincts were alive with fear and the desire to move far away from this lioness but our guides led us closer until we were approximately 20 meters from her! Another amazing experience for us all ….

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Above: Zebra in the Ngorongoro Crater – one of the largest calderas in the world which has evolved over thousands of years into one of the most famous and exciting game viewing areas in Africa.

The excitement of the buffalo visit was followed by a wonderful journey to Lake Manyara – particularly known for its elephant population – and we were not disappointed.     The highlight here being the experience of watching two bull elephants feeding from Acacia pods. The inferior male shaking the tree in order that his superior could eat the scattered pods from the ground.

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Below: Back to Primary School for Susanna and James – who took part in the mornings English lesson which included reciting their ‘A,B,C’s’

Below: Elephant bathing in Lake Manyara.  This was a spectacular end of the day experience.  The whole herd were enjoying a playful evening bathtime as we watched with delight!

Below: Giraffe at Tarangrie National Park.  Tarangiere is the only other park in northern Tanzania to witness a migration of animal herds to rival that of the Serengeti.  In the dry summer months, the Tarangiere River is the only source of water in the area and large numbers of elephant, zebra, wildebeest and other plains game migrate from the Simanjiro Plains and head into the acacia woodlands and swamps of the park to join the herds of resident antelope and gazelle.

 Above: Giraffe at Tarangrie National Park

Continuing north – we headed into the mist to the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater.   It was our day in this extraordinary natural caldera that gave us our first sight of some rhino.

Finally, we headed into the Serengeti for some very chilly nights but beautiful days.   The highlight here was the close up encounter with a leopard as she ambled across a large rock.    When her two babies came to join her – they were scolded and promptly sent home – out of sight of the prowling hyena.

The holiday was rounded off with a visit to Zanzibar where we mixed culture with watersports – entertainment for everyone!

The dry seasons from June to October and December to March are generally considered to be the best times to Visit Tanzania and Zanzibar. As well as the activities mentioned above some other highlights include tracking chimpanzees in the Mahale mountains, immersing yourself in the wildebeest migration, trekking to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro and fishing for giant perch in Lake Victoria.

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