Peru: A Shamanic Journey

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About 17 years ago, I traveled to Peru for the first time. It was a dark time in my life, and as I searched for guidance and inspiration, one of my dearest friends suggested that a life-altering journey through Peru and Bolivia might just be what the doctor ordered.

“Ok.” I said. “Let’s go”.

Three weeks later, we landed in Lima. And we set off on a 4 week adventure that did, indeed, change my life. For three weeks, we travelled from Lima to the stunning city of Arequipa; we witnessed Condors soar above the depths of The Colca Canyon, and swam in the sapphire waters of Lake Titicaca. We climbed the Andes Mountains to 15,000 feet, and for four days, followed an Incan trail which descended down to the depths of the Amazonian Rainforest. I still remember every taste, scent, touch.

Travel. That’s what it does- it stays with you. It changes you.

Week four, Machu Picchu was the final stop on our journey, and here began my life’s next chapter. We all have that one moment in our lives which we can point to as “the one”. That split second when it all becomes clear, and we see ourselves. We finally get it. I had my moment there- overlooking Machu Picchu.

Coming full circle all these years later, my mother company, World Odyssey has designed an incredible journey through Peru this May 12-23rd, to be led by the world-renowned Shaman, Jon Rasmussen. Here is the chance to experience the majesty of Peru, guided by an extraordinary spiritual healer and leader. And this time it’s luxury, hand held at every turn, whilst diving deep into this mystical culture.

I’m ready to “get it” again. I’m going back. And I’m bringing some of my best girlfriends with me.

Want to come?

Limited to 16 people, travel must be booked by April 12, 2013. Travel dates: May 12-23, 2013.

For information on this incredible trip to Peru with Jon, click here:

And for further information on Jon Rasmussen and his Shamanic healing, have a look at his website:


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