Ethiopia Part 2 – Bale Mountains NP & lodge

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My last stop was Bale Mountains National Park and Bale Mountain Lodge.

With 5 unique habitats, Bale Mountain National Park is a very exciting and remote area to explore with dramatic scenery and endemic wildlife. Bale Mountain Lodge is a new small luxury lodge in the Harenna Forest well known for its wild coffee and honey. The lodge offers an exclusive experience and is a perfect base for those wanting to explore the park,  the Sanetti Plateau, the Harenna Forest in search of endemic wildlife including the endangered Ethiopian Wolves, Mountain Nyala, Bale Monkeys, the rarely seen Black –Maned lions and the local Oromo villages nearby.

Bale National Park is vital to Ethiopia and to its neighbouring countries – 40 streams start from the Sanetti plateau and end up in 4 major river basins the largest Webe Shabelle which drains into the Indian Ocean.

 The statistics also speak for themselves…Boln University has recently been conducting research in the park and recorded 40 new types of moths, 22 new to science. 300 species of  butterflies, 1,600 plants species including 10% endemic to Bale, 82 mammals species, 280 bird species, 11 rodent species endemic to Bale were also recorded on previous researches.

It’s a hugely exciting park for botanic and wildlife enthusiasts. No official extensive research has been done in the park so it is likely that plenty more species will be found in the future.

Bale Mountain Lodge’s style and standard is close to the lodges we use in Kenya and Tanzania and although the other properties I stayed at on my trip were not as upmarket as Bale it is very exciting to see that smaller lodges that offer a more authentic & intimate experience than the government hotels are now available.

3 or 4 nights at Bale Mountain Lodge make the perfect end to a trip to Ethiopia. The setting of the lodge is idyllic and the view of the forest, the river and the small wooden bridge that we enjoyed from the main lodge is picture postcard!


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