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The Ayeyarwady River:

Sailing along the Ayeyarwady River between Bagan and Mandalay offers a fascinating insight into this enchanting part of Myanmar. This is a world of glittering golden temples, remote villages, elaborate royal stupas, saffron-robed monks, as well as many ancient myths and legends. During your journey you will have the time to delve deep into the history and culture thanks to the professional guides on board who will take you on daily excursions.

ananda-exterior-mandalayAbove: The Sanctuary Ananda.  This is one of the most luxurious boats on the river offering guests the chance to explore parts of Myanmar in uncompromising style.

Guests can choose the popular Bagan to Mandalay cruise or get off the beaten track on the more northerly stretch of the Upper Irrawaddy River to Bhamo or even on the remote Chindwin River.  You will be steered into soul-stirring landscapes and enjoy extraordinary adventures, authentic experiences and refined yet relaxed elegance all while the Ananda team surround you in the warmest hospitality.

ananda-honeymoon-terraceAbove: Private terrace aboard the Sanctuary Ananda.  This is the newest small-scale ship with dining room, bar, spa, small pool and on board lectures and introduces a new level of sophistication to the rivers of Myanmar.

ananda-myanmar-suite-bedroomAbove: Honeymoon suite aboard the Sanctuary Ananda.  Custom-built with just 21 suites each with private balcony, this is the latest vessel and showcases original Burmese design and contemporary chic in an atmosphere of five-star comfort – ‘luxury, naturally’ is the guiding philosophy of these river cruisers.

ananda-deluxe-suiteAbove: One of the deluxe suites aboard the Sanctuary Ananda with colourful silks, beautiful lacquerware and polished teak.

The Yangzi River:

The mighty Yangzi River is known as the symbolic lifeline of China and cuts through the country, dividing it into north and south. The river with its numerous tributaries and feeders provides a great transportation network through the heart of some of the most densely populated areas in China. From the spectacular Three Gorges region to the vast feat of engineering that is the Three Gorges Dam, cruising through the heart of China provides an understanding of the rapid emergence of this country as a global superpower.

The Sanctuary Yangzi ExplorerThe Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer has introduced a new standard of cruising to China. With the largest cabins and the highest crew to passenger ratio on the river, this is a cruise unlike any other.

The Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer; Suite Cabin bedroomAbove: The Yangzi Explorer – bedroom suite.  Life aboard the spacious Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer is tranquil and unhurried. And with only 62 cabins, and fewer passengers than other boats, the journey is more relaxed.

china-yangzi-explorer-new-restaurantAbove: The new restaurant aboard The Yangzi Explorer.

china-yangzi-explorer-celestial-suiteAbove: The Celestial suite aboard the Yangzi Explorer.  On-board facilities include a la carte dining, a luxury spa, an observation deck, 24-hour room service, a two-floor theatre, business centre, fitness centre, suite lounge, photo corner, gift shops and private function rooms. A doctor also travels aboard.

The River Nile:

The Nile is the world’s longest river and a cruise on it is simply the most relaxing and enjoyable way to discover the true source of Egypt’s fabled history and the reason for it becoming one of the world’s earliest and greatest civilisations. Whilst gliding along in luxury between Luxor and Aswan you get to see some of the greatest temples as well a myriad of bird life and a fascinating culture which has remained virtually unchanged for centuries.

egypt-nile-adventurerAbove: The elegant Sanctuary Nile Adventurer combines just 32 cabins, gourmet cuisine and some fascinating sightseeing offering a luxurious yet relaxed cruise on the Nile.

egypt-sanctuary-nile-adventurerAbove: One of the suites aboard the Santuary Nile Adventurer.

Decorated in a contemporary style, the ship’s design combines modern Egyptian culture with seven thousand years of heritage. Add gourmet cuisine as well as sightseeing experiences with the country’s most experienced Egyptologists, this is a taste of genuine 5-star luxury on a timeless river. The ship has an exclusive docking area at Luxor and Aswan.

Above: The Sanctuary Nile Adventurer’s beautiful sun deck.

The Sanctuary Nile Adventurer seamlessly blends contemporary Egyptian culture with authentic character, a blend of East and West.

nile-adventurer-poolAbove: The extensive sun deck areas, with their elegant teak floors, include private cabanas around the pool area, the perfect spot for relaxing while taking in the scenery.

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