A World Of Inspiration – A Year to Experience Pure Escapism

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From heli-hiking on pristine blue ice pinnacles of New Zealand’s dynamic glaciers to being part of one of India’s most intriguing and best kept secrets, the Ladakh’s Tsechu Festival, at World Odyssey we are committed to searching out the finest hotels, experiences and journeys of discovery to offer you.

Whether you want to hike or ride through some of Patagonia’s most stunning National Parks, cruise along the myriad channels of the Mekong Delta, get up close and personal with Uganda’s enchanting mountain gorillas or merely relax on the icing sugar beaches of the Seychelles, then we relish the opportunity to help you experience what our exciting world has to offer in style and safety.

To follow are some month by month inspirational travel experiences to help you unleash your adventurous spirit …

January    Have a close encounter with our forest cousins…a truly moving wildlife experience like no other

Stay at Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge in Bwindi National Park, Uganda – below gorillas walk across the garden at Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge



Heli-hiking on the pristine blue ice pinnacles of  New Zealand’s dynamic glaciers for the ultimate day out

Stay at Eichartdt’s in Queenstown, the perfect base to explore the area

Feb NZ Heli hiking



Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the stunning carpets of flowers during the vibrant and colourful processions of Guatemala’s Semana Santa (Easter Week)

Stay at the enchanting Posada del Angel in the colonial town of Antigua



Swim with a difference … head beneath the waves in the Galapagos Islands to interact with sea lions, some of the most endearing and playful animals in this pristine environment

Stay aboard the MV Origin for a spoiling cruise around this living marine laboratory

April Galapagos Islands


Complete the 6 day trek along the dramatic coastal wilderness of Tasmania’s Bay of Fires…beaches, coves, dunes and forest and nobody else around !

Lodge to lodge luxury and Australian hospitality every step of the way

 Bay of Fires Walk


Succumb to the spiritual powers of Ladakh’s Tsechu Festival…one of India’s most intriguing and best kept secrets

Hole up at one of Shakti gorgeous village houses outside Leh

Jul - India - Tsechu Ladakh Festival


Take a punt on the mokoro polers of the Okavango Delta … arguably the world’s most beautiful wetland area offering one of Africa’s most unique game viewing adventures.

Stay at the small and exclusive Little Vumbura, a real hideaway gem.



Indulge in the ultimate sea safari around the remote, gin-clear waters off Komodo Island in the Flores Sea 100% escapism

Live aboard the Tiger Blue yacht offering luxurious cabins and world-class snorkelling & diving at your fingertips.



Cactri-studded islands, weird rock formations and hexagonal salt plains …explore the ‘other worldly’ salt falts of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni.

Camp in style aboard a luxurious retro-style and chauffeur driven Airstream camper



Watch whales frolicking from a coastal beauty spot in South Africa while enjoying a sumptuous picnic   … a truly unforgettable experience

Grootbos is a beautiful property on its own nature reserve with fabulous ocean views ideal for some private land-based whale watching



Beat the conventional rules … don’t arrive at your hotel by car but gently glide in from above!

Zighy Bay offers unadulterated luxury in the heart of Oman’s dramatic Musandam Peninsula

 Sept Oman Zighy


With nothing but the midnight sun and perhaps a passing whale for company, camp out on Antarctica’s frozen wastelands in the footsteps of the great early explorers.

Breath the world’s purest air and unleash your adventurous spirit as you get cozy in a specially adapted tent



Experience the generosity of spirit and hospitality of the Burmese Danu tribe whilst homestaying in Pindaya

Physically simple, yet culturally rich, a homestay with the Danu is wonderfully uplifting


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