Antarctica Holidays

From the impressive array of wildlife to the rich history of early explorers such as Ernest Shackleton and James Cook, Antarctica is pristine and unparalleled. The White Continent features a wilderness consisting of magnificent glaciers, towering icebergs and dramatic mountain peaks that is untouched by humankind. Whether you want to see the widest variety of wildlife in the Antarctic Peninsula, cross the Antarctic Circle and spot emperor penguins in the Weddell Sea or make your way to the historical Falkland Islands and enormous king penguin colonies in South Georgia, every Antarctic expedition will take you to awe-inspiring places that only few people will ever encounter.

Antarctic Peninsula

The magic of the White Continent is formed by its dramatic landscapes and extraordinary wildlife. From mysteriously shaped icebergs in numerous shades of blue to spectacular coves and bays and from curious fur seals to enormous leopard seals chasing penguins, these are all part of its magic and intrigue. During a zodiac cruise you experience all the secrets of the Antarctic Peninsula including its mirror still waters and when the engines are switched off you enjoy a silence that cannot be found elsewhere in this world. Landings on the continent are spectacular and may include a visit to an international research station or historical museum, short and easy hikes to the most stunning viewing points and penguin colonies that number in the thousands. All animals living in Antarctica only have natural predators and curious as penguins are, you may find yourself in a very close encounter with one or more of these funny waddling birds with their clownish antics. A cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula will most likely encounter different species of sea birds, whales and sometimes orcas as these enormous mammals are very curious of the ship and zodiacs.

Located off the north-west tip of the Antarctic Peninsula are the South Shetland Islands. King George Island is the largest of the islands and the starting point for many Fly & Cruise expeditions. If you are visiting the South Shetland Islands, you may see the ice covered Elephant Island in the far north. Depending on weather conditions you can enter the flooded volcanic caldera at Deception Island. Here you can hike up onto the rim of the crater where views of the old whaling station with rusted boilers and dilapidated wooden structures are magnificent.

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