Due to the regional climate differences, Vietnam can be visited most of the year round. With summer temperatures starting to break through in Central Vietnam, April is arguably one of the best months to experience the best of the country’s weather.


The normally harsh, dry terrain of the Central Kalahari becomes a mecca for myriad migrating animals and the area is transformed into a shimmering mass of wildlife.



Stunning old forts, jagged mountains, frankincense trees, a sea of orange desert and mile upon mile of beautiful beaches are just a few of the highlights that await the visitor to Oman..the perfect spot for a spectacular Easter break.



The best time to visit this biblical land is between March to May and September to November. April is the best month to visit when temperatures are warm and wildflowers are in bloom and you can enjoy the ancient cities of Petra and Jerash, the salty depths of the Dead Sea and the rugged desertscapes of Wadi Rum.


Morocco is at its best in spring from mid-March to May, followed by autumn between September to November when the heat of the summer has eased. The narrow alleys and labyrinthine souks of the Imperial cities of Fes and Marrakech offer just a taste of what is on offer here. Bask beneath sunny skies as you explore ancient Kasbahs, go walking in the snow-capped Atlas or lounging on golden sands.