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Cuba Holidays

Not only is Cuba the largest island in the Caribbean, it also boasts the most diverse and intriguing history of all the islands in the region. Having been colonised by the Spanish in the 16th Century it went on to become one of the richest and most important countries of the empire within the Americas and the cultural legacy that still exists to this day in both the architecture and its melting pot of people is truly fascinating.

Beach Resorts

Pinar del Rio
Santiago de Cuba

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Its more modern history of Revolutions, Cold War stand-offs, US Embargos and inspirational leaders such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro have further enhanced the intrigue of this beautiful Caribbean island. Despite the hardship endured on account of the political road its leaders have taken, the spirit and determination of the Cuban people to not only survive, but celebrate and enjoy life to the best of their abilities is very much part of the country’s real charm. Music, dance, literature and a lively street culture (and huge cigars!) are an intrinsic part of their lives and rich, soulful music can be heard echoing around the cobbled streets of most towns.

Stunning beaches and gin-clear turquoise waters are another highlight of this delightful island, which also boats excellent diving in search of the huge variety of colourful marine life. The wildlife on land is equally surprising as the many different habitats ranging from the Sierra Maestra to the Zapata wetlands are home to a remarkable diversity of flora and fauna.

Travelling around Cuba is simply unique and requires not only flexibility, patience, a sense of adventure and a good sense of humour on account of their rather different concept of service, quality and timekeeping that can be experienced. However, whether cruising along the Malecon in Havana in a shiny 1950′s Chevvy; sipping a mojito in Hemingway’s favourite bar or simply relaxing on powdery white beaches, Cuba is a country that will reward and delight those
who visit in equal measure.

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November to April tend to be the most favourable months to visit.


A visa is required for UK passport holders.


No mandatory vaccinations are required.


GMT - 5 Hours