P. & S. B, 2012
"Three weeks exploring the highlights of Peru, Ecuador & The Galapagos was the holiday of a lifetime. Every expectation was met and attention to detail adhered to. Thank you so much!"P. & S. B, 2012



Ecuador Holidays

Not only is Ecuador blessed with a delightful temporate climate, but despite its relatively small size, it is also a treasure chest of some of nature’s most exotic marvels. Coursing like a backbone through the middle of the country are the Andes mountains with their snow-capped volcanoes and stunning scenery. To the east of the country is the Oriente which is home to the Amazon basin and a dizzying array of the world’s exotic flora and fauna, whilst to the west lie the rich farmlands of the coastal plain and the sand beaches lapped by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The Amazon Rainforest

The Avenue of Volcanoes
The Cloudforest
Cuenca & Ingapirca
Galapagos Islands
Otavalo & Northern Highlands
Riding Holidays

M/C Anahi
M/V Eclipse
M/Y Eric, Flamingo & Letty
M/V Evolution
Finch Bay Eco Hotel
M/Y Grace
Galapagos Safari Camp
Hacienda San Agustin de Callo
Hosteria La Cienega
Hacienda Chillo Jijon
Hacienda Abraspungu
Hotel Mansion Alcazar
Hacienda Cusin
Hacienda Zuleta
Hacienda Pinsaqui
Hilton Colon
M/Y Isabella II
Kapawi Lodge
M/Y La Pinta
La Selva Lodge
La Mirage
La Casona de la Ronda
Napo Wildlife Centre
Plaza Grande
Casa Gangotena
Sacha Lodge
M/V Santa Cruz
Santa Lucia Hotel
Casa Aliso


But perhaps the coutry’s greatest prize are the Galapagos Islands that lie 1000 kilometres off the coast in the middle of the ocean. On account of their extreme isolation from the rest of the world the remarkable wildlife that lives here were to become the very basis of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution as discussed in his book ‘The Origin of Species’. These are one of the world’s greatest natural wonders and remain to this day a living laboratory and close encounters with the wildlife are normal here due to their complete lack of fear.

On account of its rich Inca and colonial history, the country remains a cultural gem. The Andean highlands remain home to large populations of indigenous Indians who still live the colourful rural lives of their forbears with their vibrant, bustling markets, whilst the larger cities such as Quito and Cuenca are still cloaked in an enchanting display of beautifully preserved Spanish colonial architecture.

Ecuador is a small, peaceful and truly beautiful country.

Colonial Ecuador; from £2,465pp
Markets & Mocking Birds; from £3,554pp
The Origin of Species; from £3,729pp
The Best of Ecuador; from £5,270pp




Due to its equatorial climate, Ecuador can be visited throughout the year, but May to September tend to be the drier months.


A visa is not required for UK passport holders.


No mandatory vaccinations are required.


GMT - 5 Hours