With the monsoon over, the best time for trekking in the serenity and beauty of Bhutan is October and November when the skies clear offering fabulous mountain views and spectacular scenery in this tiny Himalayan kingdom.



One of the greatest cities of the ancient world and home to the military hero Hannibal, Carthage is a fascinating World Heritage Site and combines beautifully with a few days on the beach…the ideal autumn getaway.



From Pharaohs to the Romans and the Ottomans to the British, the living history of the pyramids, temples and tombs of Giza, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings is simply breathtaking and the best time for cultural trips is between October to April. Why not blend a little culture with some Red Sea luxury – in which case the best time to visit is between May to September.


The end of the annual rains sees a carpet of vibrant colours descent over the highlands as a myriad of flowers explodes into bloom. This is home to incredible scenery, unique wildlife and an ancient civilisation … is this the home of the legendary Ark of the Covenant?