Our Philosophy

We operate most of our trips within developing countries where adherence to time, certain customs and values or standards of service can be very different to our own preconceptions of how these should be, and adjusting to these differences can sometimes be frustrating.

Also, global weather patterns are becoming increasingly unpredictable, roads are generally in far worse condition than our own manicured motorways and schedules can sometimes change without warning. It is important to remember that the very reason for travelling is to immerse yourself within these different cultures and lifestyles and enjoy them at face value.

Although we recommend the very best available, some of the camps and lodges we use are remote and can be rustic in the sense that the trappings of a ‘first world’ existence are absent. However, you will always find that the staff are totally committed to ensuring that you enjoy your visit to the utmost.

We therefore ask you to leave the hustle and bustle of modern living behind and come and discover these beautiful and exhilarating places with an open and enquiring mind.