4×4 Safaris

Traditionally safaris are enjoyed by heading out on game drives in specially modified 4×4 safari vehicles driven by specialist guides who will help you to see and appreciate the incredible flora and fauna of these pristine wilderness areas. All camps and lodges have their own preferred style of operating, but a typical day is to head out in the early morning and late afternoon when it tends to be a little cooler and so the animals and birds tend to be more active and thus more easily seen. The advantage of having a local driver/guide is being able to tap into not only his specialist wildlife knowledge, but also their intimate knowledge of the local area and where the best game viewing can be enjoyed.

Depending upon the camp and the area in which it is located, other activities such as bush walks, boat & canoe trips, horse riding, hot air balloon safaris etc can also be enjoyed, all of which ideally complement the traditional 4×4 game drive.

Walking Safaris

Pioneered back in the 1950’s in the Zambian bush, walking safaris have become very popular and accessible in many African countries and in our opinion, being on foot is the most exhilarating way to experience and enjoy the magic of the African bush.

Being on safari in a traditional 4×4 safari vehicle is wonderful, but to walk in the bush with some of the best guides around not only heightens the senses as you listen out for and try and spot some of the larger animals, but also helps you interact with your surrounding habitat and appreciate it from a very different perspective, allowing you to discover many of the smaller, more unusual, but equally fascinating animals, plants and facets of these pristine wilderness areas.

Walking safaris can last for anything between a few hours as an activity from a specific camp up to a week or more walking between camps and we can tailor this to suit your requirements.

Some of our favourite places to enjoy a walking safari include the Okavango Delta and Selinda Reserve in Botswana; the Selous Reserve in Tanzania; South Luangwa and North Luangwa National Parks in Zambia; the Laikipia Plateau in Kenya; Kruger National Park in South Africa and up in the Palmwag region of Namibia.

Horse Back Safaris

To explore a country by vehicle or on foot can be equally exciting in their own ways, but when galloping on horseback through the wetlands of the Brazilian Pantanal, Botswana’s Okavango Delta, the rolling Cordoba hills of Argentina or perhaps some of Kenya’s savannah grasslands, the thrill is taken to a new level. As wildlife reacts differently to horses, it also offers a wonderful opportunity to observe animals from a closer and very different perspective. For those seeking a little adventure in some of the world’s most remote and beautiful places, horse riding offers an unforgettable experience.

Horse riding safaris, particularly in some of Africa’s National Parks, are typically for the very experienced rider as not only can these last from between 5 to 10 nights, but they operate in areas such as the Okavango Delta in Botswana or the Masai Mara in Kenya where there are significant numbers of wild animals. However it is also possible to enjoy shorter day rides purely as an additional game viewing activity or overnight rides, which cater to all riding standards in a wide variety of countries ranging from Ecuador to Malawi and beyond, so please call us to discuss all horse riding destinations.

Elephant Back Safaris

Watching elephants from some distance in the heart of the African or Indian bush is always special and memorable, particularly when you see your very first wild elephant, but to ride these gentle giants and experience their sheer size and endearing personalities at such close quarters is totally enchanting. As you gently sway through the bush, whether in pursuit of tigers in Kanha National Park in India or buffalo in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, to game view from such an elevated position is quite unique as you see into tree top bird’s nests or look eye to eye with a giraffe and as other animals remain unfazed by the elephants’ presence, the quality of game viewing can be wonderful.

The best places to enjoy elephant back safaris are Abu Camp in Botswana; Camp Jabulani in South Africa; Tiger Tops in Nepal and Kipling Camp in India.

Primate Safaris

Sitting in the lush rainforest and staring into the eyes of our distant cousins, the mountain gorilla, is without doubt one of the most exciting, humbling and moving wildlife encounters possible. Over recent years a number of groups of chimpanzees and mountain gorillas have been habituated in various countries to allow small groups of intrepid travellers to come and experience a very special type of safari.

It is possible to track gorillas with professional guides in both Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks in Uganda; Parcs des Volcans in Rwanda and Odzala-Kokoua National Park in The Republic of Congo. Meanwhile chimpanzees can be tracked in Kibale Forest and Chambura Gorge in Uganda as well as in Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania.

When tracking gorillas, one normally starts hiking into the forest in the early morning and keep going until the guides find them, which can be anything up to five hours or more, so a certain level of fitness is required for these trips. Depending on the park you are in, it is often possible to see a significant number of other primates en route such as the rare Golden Monkey as well as many bird species and other animals.

Balloon Safaris

Dawn breaks and ribbons of light streak across the sky as the sun silently rises above the distant horizon. The silence is broken only by the occasional roar of heated air as your balloon continues its gentle rise above the endless plains stretched out beneath you. Its residents stir as you float above them: herds of buffalo and wildebeest and weary prides of lion greet a new day.

To explore this fascinating environment from a totally different perspective is a captivating experience and as you glide back to earth, the ground crew is already preparing your champagne breakfast beneath the spreading branches of an umbrella tree.

Balloon safaris are offered only in National Parks where there are large areas of open flat savannah, so that it is safe for the balloon to land. The best places to enjoy a balloon safari are the Masai Mara in Kenya; the Serengeti in Tanzania, Kafue in Zambia and the Namib–Naukluft Park in Namibia.

Mobile Camping Safaris

Reminiscent of the safaris of a previous era when legendary explorers such as President Roosevelt, Denis Finch Hatton or Frederick Selous headed off into the heart of the African bush, today’s mobile camping safaris are equally exciting. Arguably the countries that lend themselves best to mobile camping are Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Namibia and Botswana with great camp sites in areas of pristine natural wilderness.

Mobile camping safaris offer complete flexibility as we use private camp sites ensuring the safari is tailor-made to your exact requirements in terms of time and location. Mobile safaris are ideal where you have seasonal migrations of wildlife such as the wildebeest migration between Kenya and Tanzania as they enable you to follow the herds ensuring the very best game viewing. Private camping ensures privacy and this is a perfect way for a large family group to enjoy the bush in total exclusivity. For those who prefer to mix with others or for single travellers who want to join a group then we can also arrange for you to join scheduled group safaris.

Comfort is also essential and different grades of camping are available – from the fun and rustic with small, domed tents and bucket showers to the wonderfully luxurious with huge, stylish tents with en-suite bathrooms and sensational food in airy mess tents. Sundowners around the campfire and dinner under the vast African skies with the warm glow of a paraffin lamp typify what private camping in the heart of Africa is all about.

Honeymoon Safaris

Africa lends itself perfectly to offering a sensational honeymoon – small, intimate and romantic camps located within large areas of wildlife-rich wilderness with hardly anyone else around and set beneath vast open skies is the perfect recipe. Despite their remoteness, many of these gorgeous camps, whether in Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania or Zambia, offer serious luxury combined with heavenly cuisine, amazing guiding with lots of activities and world class game viewing.

In the true tradition of ‘Out of Africa’, a safari really is as exotic, exciting and romantic as a honeymoon can be. And for those looking for a little bit of relaxation afterwards, why not hop across to the gin-clear waters of the Indian Ocean for some serious beachtime in the Seychelles, Mozambique, Zanzibar or Mauritius.

We also recognise that a honeymoon is one of the most important holidays you are ever going to take and it is essential to get it right. Where to go and when to go are equally critical and our team of experienced, passionate and well-travelled safari experts is totally dedicated to tailoring your perfect honeymoon.